We are located on 5 acres of invisible fence with a meadow to run and play with groomed trails. The rate is all inclusive. All dogs are treated the same, "as my own dog". And, SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES! 

See "Services" for Overnight and Play Date details.

A typical day for play date: arrive between 7:00 -9:00 AM, playtime 2+ hours in AM, down time and lunch if needed, then back out to play for another 2+ hours in PM. Some days its all day with shaded spots to relax under trees. Some days its less depending on the weather. 

I have extra invisible fence collars. These work well for dogs that can be off leash, so they can run and play at their leisure.  I do have one dog-run for dogs that require leashes.

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Heated floors, air conditioned, cable TV and fully insured.  24 hour video and audio in and outside the playroom.

We play accordingly to the weather forecast for the day.  Here for a playdate or overnight boarding we make sure that amply playtime is had before bedtime so that everyone sleeps in a quiet atmosphere with the back ground noise of the TV.  The walls are sound proof to comfort the dogs when its storming out, they don't hear or see it. 

Your dogs vacation, so you can enjoy yours.

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