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Golden Acres Dog Resort, LLC
46 Junction Rd Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
Heather Masterson 585-245-4012

Owners First Last Name(s) Mobile #1 

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Emergency Contact & Phone Number
(Person to contact when you are not available & not traveling with you) 

Veterinary Office:________________________________ Dr. Preference:______________________________________
Dogs Name:_____________   DOB:___________  Breed:________________ Male /Female   Spayed or Neutered  Y/N   

Is your dog trained on invisible fence Y/N

Has your dog ever had a bad experience with another dog? Scared of noises ex. Fireworks, thunder? Explain:


Does your dog have food allergies Y/N ex. Milk  bones ?____________________________________________________

What are your dogs sleeping arrangements at home during the day/night? ____________________________________________

Pets must be in good health and remain current on Rabies & Bordatella vaccinations when at Golden Acres Dog Resort, LLC.  The owner must provide valid proof of all required vaccinations at the time of service. Golden Acres Dog Resort, LLC reserves the right to refuse services to any dog for any reason.   All pets are handled and cared for by Golden Acres Dog Resort, LLC care provider without liability on Golden Acres Dog Resort, LLC part for loss or damage, from disease, theft, fire death, escape, injury or harm to persons, other (pets) or property by said pet, or from other unavoidable causes and care having been exercised. Should any pet become ill or are in need of medical consideration, Golden Acres Dog Resort, LLC  reserves the right to administer aid and or to use the veterinarian specified by the Owner, or any other veterinarian if necessary.  Any expenses incurred shall be paid by the Owner, in addition to other fees incurred for services provided at or by the Golden Acres Dog Resort, LLC. The owner shall remain liable for all charges incurred for the care and maintenance of the pet listed on this contract.  Owner first agrees to be sole responsible for all acts or behavior of pet while in the care of Golden Acres Dog Resort, LLC.

I certify that I have answered the above questions fully and to the best of my ability. I understand and agree to the above conditions.

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